Lights, Camera, Gender? With Katie Smith-Wong

The Wonder Woman WomenAfter getting all excited over crouching tigers and hidden dragons, Hollywood largely ignored girl-on-girl action films…

(the ones where they get to use samurai swords, kung fu and uzis) for almost 15 years. And then, suddenly, CHARLIZE THERON and GAL GADOT BROUGHT THE GOODS!

Katie Smith-Wong talks about atomic blondes and brunettes on the fury road carrying immortal blades. We also ask how to capitalise on this new breed of female action hero and we get into strength and gender roles. But mostly we train 5 times, 10 times harder than we’ve ever trained before.

Listen Here

Recorded at the London Film Festival, get in touch:

with Katie at
with us at and @Beyond_Bechdel

Let’s get less furious, more Furiosa.


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