Why Solo Never Wants to Know the Odds with Dr Becca Harrison


43% Last Jedi
37% Force Awakens
35% Rogue One
23% Return of the Jedi
22% Empire Strikes Back
20% Phantom Menace
18% Attack of the Clones
17% Revenge of the Sith
15% A New Hope…

…These are the percentages of screen time for female identifying characters in the Star Wars universe, according to a detailed study by the brilliant Dr Becca Harrison, who gained celebrity, notoriety and a whole heap of abuse for her troubles. Yep, we have a bad feeling about this….so we talk to Becca about how Solo: A Star Wars Story fits into her research.

Listen to the conversation here: soundcloud.com/beyondbechdel/why-solo-never-wants-to-know

Find Becca @BeccaEHarrison  and www.writingonreels.uk/

Give us your take @Beyond_Bechdel

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