21 – Comedy, Crohn’s & Confidence – with Courtney Hodgkiss


This episode includes a very funny discussion with Courtney Hodgkiss, a writer, journalist and wannabe-comic who has in-depth knowledge of the music and comedy industries.

Courtney is witty, bright and savvy; she also self-identifies as disabled, battling a chronic form of Crohn’s disease. Her condition doesn’t stop her, and is instead the impetus for her pursuit of a comedy career. She is inspirational, taking us through a smorgasbord of modern comedians – which offers something for everyone.

Read Courtney’s blog here: https://fork-in-the-toaster.blogspot.com/

Learn more about Crohn’s Disease here: https://www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk/about-inflammatory-bowel-disease/crohns-disease

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