Do you know Anne V?



Anne V Coates was born in Reigate in 1925 and dreamed if becoming a horse trainer. But fate was to take her on a different course, one which lead to her winning an Oscar. And that was only the beginning…

Through hard work, talent and perseverance, Anne V became one of the most successful film editors in history. She could call David Lynch, Sam Taylor-Johnson, David Lean and Steven Soderbergh friends as well as colleagues. 

Sadly Anne V died in May of 2018 and this episode of Beyond Bechdel is devoted to her life and skill. Contrarah takes us through Anne’s film experiences, showing the great variance in the movie projects she chose to work on, and demonstrating an unparalleled work ethic that saw her doing some of her best work when others were drawing their pension.

From The Elephant Man, through Out of Sight, The Golden Compass and even Fifty Shades of Grey, Anne had impeccable skill and range. She was also keen to help others get into editing, and had a wicked sense of humour.

Listen to Anne’s story here or here

Can you match that match cut?

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