There’s Comedy (even) in Crohn’s Disease


Recently, we were lucky enough to spend some quality time in the company of Courtney Hodgkiss. She’s a writer, journalist and wannabe-comic who has an in-depth knowledge of the music and comedy industries, having worked in both.

Courtney is witty, bright and savvy; she also self-identifies as disabled, battling a chronic form of Crohn’s disease. But not only does her condition not stop the pursuit of Courtney’s goals, she has turned it into the impetus for a comedy career – and the butt of her jokes!

This is a conversation with an inspirational person, and one who has impeccable taste in comedy. Courtney takes us through a smorgasbord of modern comedians – offering something for everyone.

Listen to the episode by clicking here¬†or subscribe by searching for ‘Beyond Bechdel‘ wherever you listen to podcasts.

Read Courtney’s blog here
Learn more about Crohn’s Disease here

And let’s all continue to enjoy funny women, because they’re everywhere.


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