What women want from the movies



….is often the same as what men want!

There is a common misconception in cinema, that men and women want…different things from the films they see. Studios are still dividing movies this way, an outdated practice, and creating a climate that groups people based on what they think their gender likes and not on genuine taste.

But we’re all different and like different things, our genitals have nothing to do with it.

Just Jen – a film writer who works in TV production has an idea or two about what makes a great movie. Jen doesn’t believe in gender division, she chooses what to watch much like you do.

During the episode we discuss how filmmakers entice viewers, the role of stereotyping, whether race is a factor and what exactly it is about Tom Cruise movies that rev Jen’s motor.

The episode can be clicked on here for your listening pleasure.

You can find Jen’s film writing here.

Never forget…I’m the bitch with the gun!

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