27 – Haircuts, Horniness and other lies about Trauma – with Dr Karen O’Donnell


It’s often the driving force behind plot, but female trauma isn’t often truthfully depicted on screen. This is becoming a problem.

Contrarah speaks to trauma expert Dr Karen O’Donnell about the stages in trauma presentation and resolving, and how directors are spreading misinformation with dicey narrative decisions (e.g. I’ve suffered sexual assault I must go and have sex with someone else immediately!)

It’s not all bad news, with television (mostly) exploring the issue with sensitivity, particularly in Stranger Things and Call The Midwife.

Learn about Dr Karen here: https://www.dur.ac.uk/codec/who/karenodonnell/

Buy her book here: https://scmpress.hymnsam.co.uk/books/9780334056249/broken-bodies

And let’s have more talk about periods. Period.