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73 – Why You Should Watch The Premise Beyond Bechdel

OH NO WHITE MAN PRIVILEGE ALERT! Correct, this is an episode about a TV show produced by a white, straight, male showrunner, BUT it's different, we promise. The Premise is a new comedy anthology on Disney+ (shocking) looking at our pre-conceived ideas about gender, morality, race and sex and turning them on their heads to hopefully bring empathy, education and thought to our polarised times. Contrarah was blown away at the quality of the writing, directing and star power involved, but, even with a huge array of female talent on board, it doesn't seem to have hit the collective consciousness. Shout out to Jia Tolentino, Darya Zhuk, Lillian Yu, Josie Duffy Rice, Alexandra Ruddy, Dina Hashem and more! Come for the recommendations and laughs, stay for the…butt plugs? Have thoughts? Email beyondbech@gmail .com, tweet @Beyond_Bechdel or message on We f***ing Love You!
  1. 73 – Why You Should Watch The Premise
  2. 72 – Dune and Foundation or So What Exactly is Hard Sci-Fi?
  3. 71 – Top Ten Films about Humanity
  4. 70 – Thank Heaven For Little Girls (but Don't Thank These Movies)
  5. 69 – A Quiet Place 2 Explained

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