62 – Wandavision. Why it’s good, What has happened and ALL of the Theories.

We turn our attention to Wandavision, the mystery box show that everyone is talking about and nobody fully understands.

If you have a passing interest in the new Disney+ show but don’t have the energy to find out what’s happening, let Contrarah do the hard work for you. She sets out why it’s such a female-friendly show, then gives an episode by episode recap for the first five episodes (both parts are spoiler-free), before moving to a full on geek-out investigating all the spoilers, all the theories and all the wild speculation as to what this show means for the MCU and beyond.


Part 1 – Celebrating Wandavision:          02:46 – 15:10

Part 2 – Episode 1-5 Quick-fire Recaps: 15:25 – 40:00

Part 3 – Full SPOILER and Speculation section: 40:30 – 1:17:00

This is for you…and For The Children