65 – Paris, Open City (for Filmmakers and Content Creators)

This is a real treat of an episode for anyone wanting tips on how to find work in cinema, and for anyone who loves Paris (that’s everyone, surely?)

Contrarah is joined by director, actress, writer and film festival producer Jenna Suru to talk about the Paris International Film Festival and her film career, including her feature L’Age D’or (The Golden Age), and film reviewer, content creator and PR guru Latoya Austin AKA Franglais27 about her fantastic career and how these two women came to know one another.

The episode is divided into parts on the film festival, film journalism, directing a feature, career advice and of course, Bechdel passing and failing movies! Find out more about our guests here:

Jenna Suru on Facebook, @jennasuru on Twitter @belleepoquefilms on Instagram and Facebook & Twitter,  @lagedorfilm (The Golden Age) on InstagramTwitter , Facebook and the Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk_PVbgTUIrklZaT1DnC9wQ 

More on The Paris International Film Festival can be found at: https://www.parisintlfest.com/ 

Find Latoya at: @franglais27 on Twitter and Instagram and at the website www.Franglais27tales.com and find out more about the Birds Eye View agency’s Reclaim the Frame campaign or search using #ReclaimtheFrame

Hope to see you all in St Tropez real soon!

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