69 – A Quiet Place 2 Explained

We are back in the cinema with a big, bold action movie that celebrates sound and champions hearing loss – A Quiet Place: Part 2. 

Join Contrarah for an episode about what the film represents, if it’s any good and how Millicent Simmonds is its runaway star. This episode contains SPOILERS in certain places, so please consult the running order below if you don’t want to be spoiled.

00:00 – 01:25.  Intro

01:25 – 11.46.   Spoiler free recap and review

11:47 – 25:25.   Full plot summary BURSTING WITH SPOILERS – listen at your peril!

25:25 – 34.36.   Millicent Simmonds discussion, celebrating hearing-impaired actresses.

Impaired NEVER means lesser!  







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