73 – Why you should watch The Premise


Correct, this is an episode about a TV show produced by a white, straight, male showrunner, BUT it’s different, we promise. The Premise is a new comedy anthology on Disney+ (shocking) looking at our pre-conceived ideas about gender, morality, race and sex and turning them on their heads to hopefully bring empathy, education and thought to our polarised times.

Contrarah was blown away at the quality of the writing, directing and star power involved, but, even with a huge array of female talent on board, it doesn’t seem to have hit the collective consciousness. Shout out to Jia Tolentino, Darya Zhuk, Lillian Yu, Josie Duffy Rice, Alexandra Ruddy, Dina Hashem and more!

Come for the recommendations and laughs, stay for the…butt plugs?

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72 – Dune, Foundation & What IS Hard Sci-Fi?

Let’s look at the new age of Hard Sci-Fi. Is it even new? Is it actually good? Most importantly, is it female-friendly? How hard, is hard? 

We answer all these questions and a whole lot more in the episode focused on Denis Villeneuve’s new movie and Apple TV’s new series, based on not-so-new IP. 

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71 – Our Top Ten Movies about Humanity (with Courtney Hodgkiss)

We invite back the delightful and witty Courtney Hodgkiss (@Courtneyishere) to talk movies that are so awe-inspiring, breathtaking, maddening and emotional that you can’t stop yourself shouting about them to anyone who’ll listen.

We came up with ten, count em, TEN movies that fit the bill – using various weird sub-categories and went to town talking about the joy and pain of the stories these movies tell. Let us know what we missed.

Because visual-storytelling is what makes us human.

70 – Thank Heaven For Little Girls (but Don’t Thank These Movies)

You’re minding your own business, watching classic movies, movies that won Best Picture at the Oscars, and then you stop, and think…does this film glamourise child prostitution?!

Nick and Contrarah take a look at three classic films from yesteryear examining them through a 2021 lens. They are well-made and were financially and critically successful, but the plots and focus on social convention displayed are WILD! 

Get to know Gigi, Fanny, Iris and Betsy with us.

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69 – A Quiet Place 2 Explained

We are back in the cinema with a big, bold action movie that celebrates sound and champions hearing loss – A Quiet Place: Part 2. 

Join Contrarah for an episode about what the film represents, if it’s any good and how Millicent Simmonds is its runaway star. This episode contains SPOILERS in certain places, so please consult the running order below if you don’t want to be spoiled.

00:00 – 01:25.  Intro

01:25 – 11.46.   Spoiler free recap and review

11:47 – 25:25.   Full plot summary BURSTING WITH SPOILERS – listen at your peril!

25:25 – 34.36.   Millicent Simmonds discussion, celebrating hearing-impaired actresses.

Impaired NEVER means lesser!