63 – Has Lesbian Cinema Finally Gone Mainstream?

To celebrate and commemorate LGBTQ History Month (in the UK)

we take a look at lesbian cinema, focusing on movies that put gay relationships front and centre.

Join Contrarah and Nick as they discuss what’s good and bad about films made in the 1960s, the 2010s and right now in 2021, and the complexities of putting queer stories about women on screen.

55 – Loathe, Like, Love: Cush Jumbo and The London Film Festival

This episode is devoted to the superhuman acting capabilities of Cush Jumbo.
It’s also a teaser for our London Film Festival 2020 coverage – this year’s festival is full of thought-provoking movies made by filmmakers with something to say.

Clips in the episode are from:
Herself – Dir. Phyllida Lloyd
Undine – Starring Paula Beer
Reggae music doc (which inspired Lover’s Rock – Dir. Steve McQueen)
Industry – Dir. Tinge Krishnan, Lena Dunham, Mary Nighy and Ed Lilly
Shirley – Dir. Josephine Decker
Nomadland – Dir. Chloe Zhou

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53 – Loathe, Like, Love: Cognitive Dissonance

You know when you feel all the feelings, including thinking two alternative beliefs at the same time? Like….

Me: I hate this show, it’s so trashy/horrifying/boring!

Also me: I love this show it’s the best ever, I can’t look away!!

That’s what this episode is about.

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52 – TENET

A special bonus episode about the film that is going to ‘save cinema’.

Contrarah has braved TENET twice so she and Nick (a one-time slightly confused viewer) review and breakdown Christopher Nolan’s latest complex and controversial spy caper. 

NOTE: The episode is broken down into a 1) non-spoiler section, 2) a full detailed plot analysis and 3) spoiler-filled discussion. See time codes below:

00:30 – 33.05 Part One: Discussion of TENET – no spoilers, all confusion.

33.:23 – 54:48 Part Two: Full plot explainer – if you’re confused after watching or want to see TENET while holding all the cards completely spoiled, this is for you.

55:00 to end Part Three: A spoiler-filled review of the plot mechanics, characters and ideas in this crazy masterpiece. Here is the visual timeline mentioned in the ep (a gigantic spoiler): https://www.reddit.com/r/tenet/comments/ii38sl/tenet_character_timeline_my_first_attempt_to_map/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_title

What happened, happened.