51 – Loathe, Like, Love, Literature

While we work on new content, let’s look at some things we love, and some that we loathe.

In this episode: reading matter!

49 – Pandemic Pod Episode 5: The Easy Watch


Half-way through the year 2020 and who knows how far into the devilish reign of COVID-19, Contrarah asks if we’re getting film fatigue? She and notorious series-hater Nick debate project length, subject and what two decades can do to our perception, and wonder if it’s ok to simply enjoy programming, or should we also endure it? 

One thing is for certain, even with a mind at work, we haven’t completed Netflix, have you?

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48 – Pandemic Pod Episode 4: Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always, Always, Always


Contrarah is joined by Nick again for a new bonus episode on some excellent new films with a common theme.

Firstly there’s a discussion on enjoying versus enduring a movie, with our take on Joker.

Before the main event: looking in depth at two powerful movies directed by directors at the top of their game:

* Portrait of a Lady on Fire

* Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always

Join us to discover why we need to be championing this type of innovative cinema.

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47 – Pandemic Pod Episode 3: What these 15 films can teach us about surviving a pandemic (Part 2)


Movies have long helped us to live out our best and worst fantasies. And what better way to cope with stressful times than by social distancing in the safety of your own home while watching famous, beautiful people do all the hard work. 

In this second part of a two-parter, we look at the films that really went viral – and not in a good way…

But can films about GERM WARFARE actually help us during the coronavirus pandemic? Listen as Contrarah and Nick break down the (sometimes) invaluable advice found in  7 of these 15 disaster movies.