True Crime Heroes

Amber Hunt, Amanda Rossman, Elizabeth Andes.
Madeleine Baran, Parker Yesko, Bertha Tardy.
Liliana Segura, Jordan Smith, Donna Brown.

You might not know their names. All women. All important. Listen to find out why.
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Nurse! with film writer Audrey Fox

Remember old-school nurses? The white-starched uniform, kind bedside manner and comforting, feminine presence? Cinema remembers. A movie was made that sought to turn that stereotype on its head.

Nurse Ratched is widely known as the most deliciously heinous member of the nursing profession. She’s also – according to our guest Audrey Fox – a
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At the Edge of Tomorrow

One of the best modern sci-fi action films in recent years, Edge of Tomorrow purported to be a Tom Cruise vehicle, but really it brought us Emily Blunt kicking all kinds of alien ass!

This is our first ‘Trojan Horse’ of the season and boy is the Angel of Verdun a goodun!

Come join Nick and Contrarah
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Season 2


And we’re BACK!

Welcome to the new season of Beyond Bechdel, where we delve into cinematic culture from a very particular point of view.

Stay with us for interviews, reviews, discussion and a lot of laughter from fantastic people working in the film and TV industry. The title might sound a bit odd but we’ll break it down for you in the episodes, you’ll have to listen to find out!

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