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  • 73 – Why you should watch The Premise

    73 – Why you should watch The Premise

    Correct, this is an episode about a TV show produced by a white, straight, male showrunner, BUT it’s different, we promise. The Premise is a new comedy anthology on Disney+ (shocking) looking at our pre-conceived ideas about gender, morality, race and sex and turning them on their heads to hopefully bring empathy, education and thought…

  • 71 – Our Top Ten Movies about Humanity (with Courtney Hodgkiss)

    71 – Our Top Ten Movies about Humanity (with Courtney Hodgkiss)

    We invite back the delightful and witty Courtney Hodgkiss (@Courtneyishere) to talk movies that are so awe-inspiring, breathtaking, maddening and emotional that you can’t stop yourself shouting about them to anyone who’ll listen. We came up with ten, count em, TEN movies that fit the bill – using various weird sub-categories and went to town…

  • Welcome to the Future – 2020

    2020 – sounds good doesn’t it? We predict great things for filmmaking in this new decade! Contrarah asked some previous pod guests what they are most looking forward to. She and Nick also finish their discussion on the best films of the last ten years. In a Hole – vimeo.com/360785765 Doll’s House –www.amazon.co.uk/Dolls-House-Sara…=gateway&sr=8-10

  • Best of the Decade (Part 2)

    The last decade saw some fantastic movies and some big steps forward for women in film, but no one told Nick that, he just loves himself some MAN movies full of MEN. Thank goodness Contrarah weighs in with some big time, money-making, award-winning female films.

  • Cinema

    What is Cinema? Scorsese thinks he knows, but does he? Nick with his TV industry work knowledge and