Red Fem Redemption with Dr Esther Wright

Computer gaming – it’s for boys only, right? Wrong!

And yet, history hasn’t been kind to the gamer community, especially in terms of gender discrimination. Instead of

laying blame, maybe it’s time to look at whether the games themselves are contributing towards a culture. Contrarah enlists the help of Dr Esther Wright ( whose recent PhD delves deep into stereotypes within the historical Rockstar Games universe.

Listen as they discuss campfire confessionals, seedy underbellies and the lack of trans representation, as well as the world’s most lit photography assignment.

We’re pausing on episodes for a while so that the team can bring you even more content, thank you SO MUCH for listening to this season.

Shout out to all of our kind and talented guests and to the audio genius of Andrew Evans (

And to all you murdering psychopathic gun-toting outlaws…
just pass that weapon to a nearby female (or non-binary if you can find em) NPC, she can handle herself too.





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