64 – Jen loves Producers, Becky loves Authors, I Love Dick

Now that we have your attention… In honour of (and a little bit in spite of) IWD we made an episode about the women who inspire us  – every day – across the arts.

Contrarah asked filmmakers Becky Lima-Matthews (Becky-matthews.com) and Jen Francis (Sassy Jam Productions) to come talk, champion and celebrate women in multiple fields and they delivered!

Our choices cover producing, writing, gaming, acting, directing and philanthropy. And in no particular order they are:

Becky: Deborah Levy, Samantha Irby, Candice Carty-Williams

Jen: Mara Brock Akil, Emma Thomas, Meghan Markle

Contrarah: Gina Rodriguez/Letitia Wright, Alanah Pearce, Regina King/Kathryn Hahn/Marielle Heller (Contrarah can’t count)

Women are phenomenal.

Thanks to Andrew Evans (as always) for the Beyond Bechdel score. 


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